Why can't I access the website I'm subscribed to?

While CCBill works very closely with our clients to ensure that any website downtime is minimal, if ever, however there are times when a website may not allow access to a paying member. Here is a list of suggestions we have collected to assist with making sure you can regain access with as little impact as possible.

  • Double-Check Username and Password. Locate the confirmation of subscription email and ensure the username and password are being entered correctly, remember they are case sensitive. In the case where the username and password are blank on your email, it likely means that we do not manage this particular websites user management. In these cases, we recommend visiting the website you are subscribed to in order to view their FAQ, or to contact them directly if necessary.
  • Contact Support. If you are entering them correctly and still not gaining access, please contact our Consumer Support department as soon as possible so that we can investigate, and take the necessary steps to ensure any technical difficulties are promptly resolved.
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