How To Set Up Payment Transaction Failed Email in Magento

November 12, 2020


Customers appreciate a smooth and straightforward checkout process. Occasionally, human errors or technical issues can prevent customers from completing a purchase.

Magento sends automated emails to notify store administrators if a payment has failed.

When a payment fails, your ability to react quickly has an immediate impact on your revenue. By helping customers and providing timely support, you reinforce your brand’s reputation in the long run.

Follow the instructions in this guide to find out how to set up Payment Failed Emails in Magento.

Set up Magento Payment Failed Emails.

How to Configure Payment Failed Emails in Magento

Magento allows you to customize default email templates. By creating a custom template, you define specific rules for sending automated emails.

Customize Payment Failed Email Template

Edit the Payment Failed email template by changing its HTML structure. You can insert system variables to better fit your store's requirements. These variables help you identify the customer, and the Payment Failed reasons more efficiently.

Load Default Template

To locate the Payment Failed email template:

1. Access the Magento Dashboard.

2. Expand the Marketing menu.

3. Select Email Templates.

Location of the Email Templates option in Magento.

4. Click the Add New Template tab.

Option that allows you to create a new email template in Magento.

5. Expand the drop-down menu in the Template field.

6. Select the Payment Failed template.

Select the Payment Failed Template in Magento.

7. Click the Load Template button.

Load default Payment Failed Template in Magento.

8. Loading the default template fills the Template Subject and Template Content fields.

Customize Template

To edit the default Payment Failed email template:

1. Enter a Template Name.

2. If necessary, change the Template Subject to suit your needs.

3. Optionally, add CSS Styles in the Template Styles section.

4. Modify the HTML in the Template Content field to edit the email’s body.

Options to customize Magento email templates.

5. Use the Insert Variable option to add system variables to the Template Content field.

6. By selecting a variable from the list, you insert a system variable at the cursor location in the Template Content field.

List of system variables in Magento.

7. Select Preview Template to see the changes you implemented.

8. Once satisfied with the template, click Save Template.

Preview the Magento email template and save.

The custom email template you created is now accessible from the main Email Templates page.

Configure Failed Payment Email Sending

After creating a custom email template, define the rules for sending Failed Payment Emails.

1. Select Stores in the main Magento dashboard.

2. Click the Configuration option.

Path to Payment Failed Email settings in Magento.

3. Expand the Sales drop-down menu.

4. Select the Checkout option.

5. Expand the Payment Failed Emails section.

Location of the Payment Failed Email setting in the Checkout menu.

6. Uncheck the Use system value box for the Payment Failed Template field.

7. Expand the Payment Failed Template drop-down menu.

8. Select the custom template you created previously. In this example, the name of the template is MyPaymentFailedTemplate.

Select the custom Payment Failed Email Template.

9. The Payment Failed Email Sender field defines the store contact that appears as the email sender.

10. The Payment Failed Email Receiver allows you to define the store contact that receives the failed payment email.

11. Enter the email address of the individuals/departments that need to receive a copy of the email. Separate email addresses using a comma “,”.

12. Decide if you want a copy of the email to be sent as a BCC (blind carbon copy) or a separate email. The recipients' email addresses are not visible to the customer.

Define the rules for sending Payment Failed Emails in Magento.

13. Click Save Config once you have established the rules for sending Payment Failed Emails.


You have created a custom template and defined the recipients for Payment Failed Emails in Magento. Magento is going to automatically inform you anytime a customer has issues with completing their payment.

The information provided within the email helps you quickly evaluate the situation and take urgent action to assist your customers.

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