Account Change Forms

Use Account Change Forms to make changes to an existing CCBill account(s).

CCBill has partnered up with DocuSign™ to provide you a quick and simple way to complete and sign your forms online, saving your valuable time. Clicking any of the links below will take you to DocuSign's site where our form is hosted. You will need to enter a valid email address that matches the email address on your account to verify your identity, then enter the access code that DocuSign sends you at that email address. When finished, submit your form to complete the process.

Note: When forms are completed you will be emailed a copy in PDF format.

This process ensures that we are accepting requests only from the person who is authorized to make the request and helps keep your account safe. Items sent to you as a part of this process come from (on behalf of CCBill Account Support). Please make sure to white-list this email address in your spam filter if you do not receive the email containing your access code.

Payout Information Update - Used to update the payout settings on a CCBill account.

Account Split Request - Used to split CCBill fees or partner payouts between yourself and one or multiple entities.

Account Split Removal Request - Used to remove a CCBill fee or partner payout split that was previously set up.

Account Authorization Form - You can use this form to designate individuals to be able to make changes to a CCBill account. Authorization is line-item and must be completed by the account owner.

Address Change - Use this form to make address changes to a CCBill account.

Business Name Change - Please contact Account Management for business name change procedures.

Change of Ownership - Use this form to change the account ownership for all CCBill Merchant Accounts.

Rebill Transfer Request - Used to transfer rebills from one CCBill account to another.

Account Cancellation - Used to cancel a CCBill Merchant Account.

If you have any questions about these forms please feel free to contact one of our Merchant Support Representatives, toll free, at 800.510.2859 for assistance.