FlexForms Cascade Setup

This document will guide you through the process of setting up FlexForms cascading payment options that will be used in combination with Epoch or SegPay. Please make sure you work with an Epoch or SegPay technical support representative in order to ensure that all the necessary changes have been made.

Test Transactions
Note that test transactions will NOT show up in the CCBill Admin Portal, so you will need to run a real transaction in order to check if everything is set up properly.

How to Configure a FlexForms Cascade Setup

You should have both the CCBill Admin Portal and the Epoch/SegPay admin open at the same time. This will help you immensely to get the required data from both processors.

Configuring cascades is a four-step process:

  • STEP 1: Create a FlexForms cascading payment flow.
  • STEP 2: Set the necessary parameters in the URLs Library. (Parameters differ among different payment processors.)
  • STEP 3: Set parameters within the admin of the third-party payment processor. Work with their tech support team if necessary.
  • STEP 4: Promote the cascading payment flow to live and embed the LIVE link into your website's code.

STEP 1: CCBill - Payment Flows

Payment Flows give you the ability to construct the path your customers take. This feature enables you to configure your billing cascade for different payment options so that you can set up which processor is your primary option, which one is your secondary option, and so on. For example, if a sale was denied via CCBill, you can re-route the customer and offer them the opportunity to finish the transaction through Epoch or SegPay. In order to create or edit a payment flow you need to:

  1. Sign in to the Admin Portal.
  2. Open the FlexSystems mega menu.
  3. Click FlexForms Payment Links. This will open your list of Payment Flows.

Creating a New Payment Flow

  1. From either Sandbox or Live Mode, click the Add New link at the top left (if you’re in Live Mode the system will automatically toggle you to the Sandbox.
  2. Clicking that link will open up the PRIMARY TILE for the payment flow. There’s a visual Payment Flow Map that hides behind this open tile, but essentially you’re actually editing the first tile in the flow.
    • Enter a Name for the Payment Flow. Enter something descriptive, such as "Cascade Billing Flow."
    • Enter Form Name.
    • Select PricingLayout, and Theme.
    • Optionally, enter Form Description and Product Description.
    • Click Save. After saving the first tile of your payment flow, you will see a graphic representation of the flow.
  3. Add additional tiles.
    • Click the Deny Path tile.
    • Select A URL as your redirect-to option.
    • Click Add a New URL.
    • Enter the form URL of your secondary payment processor and URL Name in the appropriate fields.
    • Set Redirect Time (optional).
    • Click Save.
FlexForms payment form

This is the minimum effort necessary to make a Payment Flow that will support Cascade Billing. Now, you need to move on to Step 2 and set up parameters in the URLs Library.

Steps 2 and 3
Please note that Steps 2 and 3 differ depending on your choice of third-party payment processor. Please follow the instructions outlined for the third-party payment processor of your choice.

STEP 2 (for Epoch): Epoch Parameter Setup

In order to set the required parameters in CCBill Admin Portal, open FlexSystems > FlexForms Payment Links > URLs Library. Click the Add link in the row of the URL you previously added. Enter parameters as seen in the table below:

Your Parameter (Key)Use this methodDetail
co_code (Company Code)Merchant Defined Static ParameterSee instructions below
pi_code (Product Code)Merchant Defined Static ParameterSee instructions below
pi_returnurlCCBill Session ParameterreturnUrl
response_postMerchant Defined Static Parameter1
x_encCCBill Session ParameterencSession
x_reservationIdCCBill Session ParameterreservationId

You can obtain the required pi_code information from the Epoch admin:

  1. Go to the Epoch Reports > Tools Product Code Manager.
  2. Click View Pricing Options beside the site which you would like to setup the CCBill configuration; the pi_codes are listed in the first column.

Enter this value in the appropriate field in the URLs Library.

STEP 2 (for SegPay): SegPay Parameter Setup

In order to set the required parameters in CCBill Admin Portal, open FlexSystems > FlexForms Payment Links > URLs Library. Click the Add link in the row of the URL you previously added. Enter parameters as seen in the table below:

Your Parameter (Key)Use this methodDetail
encCCBill Session ParameterencSession
response_postMerchant Defined Static Parameter1
x-eticketidMerchant Defined Static ParameterSee instructions below

To acquire the eticket ID value from SegPay, go to the Merchant Setup > Package area. Pick the package for which you would like to setup CCBill Affiliate Cascade Billing. You are going to need the Package ID and the Bill Config ID that combined together make up the e-ticked ID. Once on the package screen, go down to the price point section.

  1. Scroll over to the ButtonCode column. In this column you will see the join link for that particular option.
  2. Copy the values after the eticket ID variable. This is shown in the green box below.
  3. The Package ID can be found at the top of the screen. This is shown in the red box below.
  4. The Price Point ID can be found at the bottom of the screen, under the ID column, as shown in the blue box below.

Put the Package ID together with the Price Point ID and separate them with a colon. This is your e-ticket ID that you see in the button code link. For the option below you would have the following:

  • Package ID: 112651
  • ID: 2754
Cascade setup for CCBill FlexForms.

Together, the eticked ID value is 112651:2754. Enter this value in the eticked ID field in your CCBill Admin.

STEP 3 (for Epoch): DataPlus Configuration & Receipt Page

To finalize your cascade, you will need to make sure you complete this last section. You MUST update your postback configurations with Epoch. Without doing this, the transaction data is not passed into the system. Please have Epoch Tech Support update this for you.

Contact Epoch Support to configure your DataPlus information to the following:

  • Hostname: epoch.ccbill.com
  • Port: 3306
  • Database: epoch
  • Password: ZEnumeyAw6uT+p7f

The CCBill Postback URL is:


The following fields are contained in the post:

  • username - Customer's username.
  • password - Customer's password.
  • email - Customer's email address.
  • name - Customer's name.
  • address - Customer's street address.
  • city - Customer's city.
  • state - Customer's state.
  • zip - Customer's ZIP.
  • country - Customer's country.
  • order_id - Customer's Epoch assigned order id (member id).
  • transaction_id - ID assigned per transaction.
  • currency - Default currency of the product.
  • ipaddress - Customer's ip address.
  • amount - Amount of the sale by default currency.
  • localamount - Amount of the sale by buyer's local currency.
  • reseller - Reseller code of the affiliate.
  • site - Optional reseller code that you pass to Epoch .
  • pi_code - Product code for the product purchased .
  • session_id - ID of the session recorded at the point of sale.



These will return in the post as they are passed in.

STEP 3 (for SegPay): Postback Configurations and Receipt Page

To finalize your setup, you need to make sure you complete this final step. You MUST update your postback configurations to use the 2nd trans post link for the CCBill system.

If you do not set this up, transactional data is not passed into the system. Please contact SegPay Tech Support to make the necessary changes.

STEP 4: Promote FlexForm to LIVE

It is crucial that you PROMOTE the cascading payment flow to live after setting up the parameters in both admin portals. In order to push a Payment Flow to Live (meaning to link a Payment Flow to your website) you need to:

  1. Open the FlexSystems menu located at the far right in the CCBill Admin.
  2. Click FlexForms Payment Links.
  3. Click Promote to Live in the row of the Payment Flow you wish to push to the Live environment.
  4. Click Yes (Promote to Live) to confirm your choice. Upon Promoting to Live, a WebWidget Code will be generated automatically.
  5. Click the Widget Code button in the row of the recently promoted Payment Flow. The Links Code window will open. The right side of the Link Codes window will display the Widget Code and URL that will launch the LIVE version of the Flow.
  6. Copy the configured LIVE Widget Code Snippet or URL and embed it in your website's code to make use of the WebWidget functionality.

Now customers can click on the button or hyperlink in order to open the Payment Flow.


If you need help with any configuration, either on the CCBill side or the Epoch side, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re always here to help.

CCBill Merchant Support
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Toll-Free: 800.510.2859
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Epoch Merchant Support
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