FlexForms Forms Library

Merchants can manage payment flows and forms using the Payment Flow Dashboard or the FlexForms Editor.

Regardless of how merchants choose to create and edit forms, they work with the same collection of forms on the merchant account.

This tutorial explains how to manage payment flows and forms using the FlexForms Editor.

Access FlexForms Editor

1. Log in to the Admin Portal.

2. Set the subaccount dropdown menu to All.

3. Click FlexForms Systems.

4. Select FlexForms Payment Links.

Accessing the FlexForms dashboard.

5. Open the Forms Library.

Accessing the FlexForms Forms Library.

FlexForms Editor

The Create New Form option allows merchants to create and add new payment forms to the Form Library.

Create new payment form using FlexForms Editor.

FlexForms Library

The left side of the window displays a scrollable list of forms available in the FlexForms Library. The options on the screen apply to the form selected in the form list. For example, if the Analytics Form is selected, and the information displayed on the dashboard pertains to that form.

Payment forms available in the FlexForms Library.

The top of the FlexForms Editor screen also displays the status of the selected form and other data:

  • Form ID. The FlexForms system assigns each payment form a unique ID number.
  • Form Name. Merchants define the Form Name when creating new payment forms.
  • Approved for Live/Pending Approval. When the payment form is Approved for Live, it can accept transactions. The Pending Approval status indicates that the CCBill team needs to approve customizations before the form can be used to accept payments. This usually happens when the merchant modifies the payment form by adding images, promotional offers, or custom CSS.
Options available in the FlexForms Editor.

  • Promote to Live?. After changes are approved, promoting the form to Live updates EVERY PAYMENT FLOW that uses this form with the new form version. Merchants do not need to promote each flow separately.
  • Form Active/Inactive. This indicates the status of the form. Inactive forms cannot be used to accept payments.
  • Preview Payment Form. Preview changes to the form before promoting it to a live flow. The form preview opens in a new tab.

Changing Form Properties

After selecting a payment form, open the All Settings tab to access the available customization options.

Click on a property name to display the options for that form property. For example, the Color Theme option allows merchants to select a premade theme from the FlexForms Theme Library or edit the payment form’s CSS.

Changing payment form properties using FlexForms Editor.

All Settings

  • Address Fields. Decide if you want to collect customer address information on the payment form. This applies to credit card payments only. For all other payment methods, the address fields are required.
  • Approval Message. Configure what the customer sees when a transaction is approved. You can also enter your Google AdWords Conversion Code to track conversion rates.
  • Banner Image. Add a banner image.
  • CAPTCHA. Not all options for this property may be available due to FlexForms rule settings. Contact Merchant Support to check current settings.
  • Card Logos. Choose Display Secondary Images if you want additional card logos on display.
  • Caption/Labels. Choose the text that will appear on the Form.
  • Color Theme. Choose the color theme of the Form.
  • Email. Select an option for the Email Field.
  • Form Active. Deactivate a form if you do not need it anymore.
  • Google Analytics Code. Enter your Google Analytics Tracking Code if you wish to integrate FlexForms with Google Analytics.
  • Image 1 and Image 2. Add images to your forms. The number of images that can be added varies depending on your choice of Layouts.
  • Layout. Choose between Centered, Left Justified, and Right Justified layouts. Changing the layout of an existing form may require re-attaching images to the form.
  • Loyalty Discount on Form. Choose whether to display Loyalty Discounts on the Form. They can be displayed or hidden for each Price Point.
  • Loyalty Discount on Approval. Choose whether to display Loyalty Discounts with the Approval Message.
  • Name and Description. Modify the Form Name, form description, and product description.
  • Phone Number Required. Require the customer to enter their phone number.
  • Pricing. Select Price Points to be assigned to the form and check the Allow for Dynamic Prices to be passed to form. Check the box if you wish to be able to change prices dynamically.
  • Promotional Offers. Add up to five (5) Promotional Offers that are presented to consumers between the Payment Screen and the Approval Message. The maximum number of Promotional Offers depends on underlying Client Rules.
  • Regional Pricing. Select Yes if you want Regional Pricing on the Form.

Each property has its own Save Property button, located at the bottom of the screen. The button becomes active only if changes are made.

Save modified properties in the FlexForms Editor.

Promotional Offers

To set up Promotional Offers in the FlexForms Editor:

1. Select a payment form in the Forms Library.

2. Click the Promotional Offers property setting from the Common Settings list.

Create promotional offers in FlexForms Editor.

3. Select a Title for your offer(s). The available options are Special Offer, Today's Special, and Additional Offers.

4. (Optional) Add images to the Special Offers section.

Display images in promotional offers using FlexForms Editor.

5. Create up to five (5) Special Offers. For every offer, you need to modify the following settings:

  • View & Select Pricing. Select an existing price or create a new price point.
  • Location. Define if the promotional offer is displayed on the Payment Form or Approval Message.
  • Pricing Text. Select one of the two predefined texts. (One text is optimized for selling tangible goods, while the other is optimized for subscriptions.)
  • Referrer. Each promotion supports separately configurable affiliate rules to determine which affiliate gets credited for the promotional sale.
    • Referrer from Original Site (default). Any affiliate ID on the main/primary sale will get credit if the consumer buys this promotion. (Note that if there is no affiliate ID on the main sale, nobody gets credit.)
    • Custom Referrer. This allows the merchant to enter an affiliate ID of their choosing. That affiliate ID will always get credit if a consumer buys this promotion.
Configuring promotional offers using FlexForms Editor.

6. Check the Display Offer box to make the offer visible to customers. This option allows you to configure the offer in advance and display it on the payment form later.

7. (Optional) Checking the As Pre-Selected? option means that the promotional offer on the payment form or approval page is going to be pre-checked.

8. Save Property to apply the setting.

Display promotional offer on FlexForms payment form.

The number of special offers that can be presented to customers between the Payment Screen and the Approval Message varies depending on Client Rules.