Reporting System

CCBill’s reporting system allows merchants and affiliates to retrieve from their accounts vital transaction statistics and analyze them. Merchants can use reports to review sales, earnings, processing fees, affiliate referrals, and manage individual subscriptions.

To access reports in the CCBill Admin:

1. Log in to the Admin Portal.

2. Use the dropdown menu to select and review reports for a specific subaccount. Select All to pull up information for the entire merchant account.

Accessing reports in the CCBill Admin.

3. Click Reports.

4. Select a report from the list.

5. Click Open Report.

Steps to access the Reports System in the CCBill Admin.

The available reports and the guides for using them are listed below. Click on the links for detailed instructions.

Transaction Reports

Analysis Reports

Member Reports

Promotion Reports

LAS Reports - Client

LAS Reports - Affiliate