FlexForms Image Library

The FlexForms system allows merchants to customize payment forms by adding banners and images. Merchants can use these images to promote their brand and advertise upcoming discounts or products directly on the payment form.

Before an image can be used in FlexForms, it needs to be uploaded and stored in the FlexForms Image Library.

This guide explains how to upload images, their dimensions, maximum allowed file sizes, and supported formats.

How to Format Your Images

Image TypeDisplays on DesktopDisplays on TabletDisplays on MobileImage File FormatsMax Image Dimensions (width x height)Max Image File Size
Top BannerYesYesYesPNG, transparent PNG, JPG/JPEG, GIF, and animated GIF960 x 100 pixels250kB
Left and Right Top BannerYesYesNoPNG, transparent PNG, JPG/JPEG, GIF, and animated GIF150 x 270 pixels250kB
Left and Right Bottom BannerYesYesNoPNG, transparent PNG, JPG/JPEG, GIF, and animated GIF150 x 270 pixels250kB
Promo - One Image on TopYesYesNoPNG, transparent PNG, JPG/JPEG, GIF, and animated GIF600 x 90 pixels250kB
Promo - One Image for each PromoYesYesNoPNG, transparent PNG, JPG/JPEG, GIF, and animated GIF60 x 60 pixels250kB
Promo - One Image on the LeftYesYesNoPNG, transparent PNG, JPG/JPEG, GIF, and animated GIF60 x 340 pixels (covers 5 promo slots)250kB

You will receive an error message if you upload an image larger than the maximum allowed dimensions.

How to Upload a Banner/Image

To upload an image in the FlexForms Image Library:

1. Access the Admin Portal.

2. Set the subaccount dropdown menu to All.

Access FlexForms menu in CCBill Admin.

3. Click FlexForms Systems.

4. Select FlexForms Payment Links.

Accessing FlexForms from CCBill Admin.

5. Open the Image Library.

Access the Image Library for CCBill FlexForms.

6. Select Upload New Image.

Upload FlexForms image.

7. Browse to select the image file you want to upload.

8. Click Insert to upload the image file.

Upload new FlexForms banner image.

The Image Library contains all the images uploaded to the FlexForms system. Merchants can filter the images by status or search images by keyword.

Clicking an image thumbnail in the left pane displays a larger version on the right, along with image properties.

Uploaded image details thumbnail.

Pending Approval Status

Once an image is uploaded, it receives the Pending Approval status. A dedicated team of CCBill employees reviews the uploaded image before approving its content. The entire process takes up to 24h.

To meet the approval criteria, the image must be free of nudity, profanity, and unauthorized use of intellectual property, among other requirements. While this is not an exhaustive list, failing to comply with any of these three guidelines will result in automatic rejection.

Pending approval status for uploaded FlexForms image.

When the review is complete, and the image is approved, it receives the Approved for Live status. At this point, merchants can set their FlexForms to Live.

FlexForms also receive a pending approval status when merchants change the Product Description or use a Custom CSS for their forms.

Add Images to Payment Form

CCBill offers predetermined visual themes, but FlexForms can be visually modified to resemble the look and feel of your website.

To insert an image on the payment form or approval page:

1. Open the Forms Library.

Add images to FlexForms payment forms.

2. Select a form from the scrollable area on the left.

3. Expand the All Settings tab. A list of settings will be on the left.

4. Use the following settings to add your images to the form:

Banner ImageSelect an image for your banner. It will appear at the top of the Form.
Approval MessageAdd an image to the approval page.
Image 1/2Topmost and lowermost on Form. Depending on the layout, you might be unable to add these images.
Promotional OffersAdd images to complement your promotional offers.
Inserting image in FlexForms payment form.

5. Click Add Image to open the Image Gallery popup window.

Add image in FlexForms payment form.

6. Select one of the available images and click Insert Image.

Insert image in payment form in the CCBill Admin.

Selecting an image that has yet to pass CCBill’s Policy Review will result in your form not being available for immediate use. You can set your form to Live once the image has been approved.