FlexForms URLs Library

The FlexForms system enables merchants to create custom payment flows and send customers to any internal or external web page.

Merchants can redirect customers and pass transaction parameters to facilitate cascading payment options with other third-party payment processors.

Find out how to add and configure redirection URLs and parameters using the FlexForms URLs Library.

Access FlexForms URLs Library

To access the URLs Library:

1. Log in to the Admin Portal.

2. Set the subaccount dropdown menu to All.

3. Click FlexForms Systems.

4. Select FlexForms Payment Links.

Accessing the FlexForms menu in the CCBill Admin.

5. Click the URLs Library tab to access the Saved URLs Editor.

Accessing the FlexForms URLs Library.

The Saved URLs Editor allows you to Add New URLs or edit active URLs in the Existing List.

Saved URLs Editor in FlexForms.

Add New URLs

To add a new redirection URL in the URLs Library:

1. Enter a URL Name. The name helps you identify the URL when searching the library.

2. Type the redirection URL in the URL field.

3. Click Save to add the URL to the URLs Library.

Adding a new URL in the FlexForms Library.

URLs Acceptable Format

The FlexForms System upholds URL safety best practices, meaning that the URLs you enter in the URLs Library must adhere to standard rules and formats.

Standard format rules include the following URL structures:

  • http://url.com
  • https://url.com
  • http://www.url.com
  • http://url.com/index.html
  • http://url.subdomain.com

The following special characters are NOT permitted in the base of a URL:


The base URL cannot contain a sequence of periods (e.g., http://ur<x>l..com</x>). It can contain but must never start or end with a hyphen (-).

Post Proxy URL

Merchants use the Post Proxy URL field to define the web location for sending Background Posts in a payment cascade. Adding the Post Proxy URL is optional.

To add a Post Proxy URL, edit a link in the Existing Links table:

1. Click Add in the Post Proxy URL column for a specific link.

Adding a post proxy URL in the FlexForms URLs Library.

2. Enter a valid URL in the Post Proxy URL field.

3. Click Add.

Enter post proxy URL in FlexForms Library.

You can edit existing Post Proxy URLs by double-clicking on the field.

Editing post proxy URLs in FlexForms.

Name/Value Pairs

Name/Value Pairs enable merchants to pass field contents from one payment form or custom data to a third-party processor’s payment form.

1. Assign Name/Value Pairs by clicking the Add button for a specific URL Name.

2. Set up variable names and assign them either fixed values or map their values to other values predefined by CCBill, then pass them onto the external URL.

The three available methods include:

  • Merchant Defined Static Parameter. Specify a fixed value that is always sent to the URL.
  • Merchant Pass-Through Parameter. Any parameter, whether created by FlexForms or supplied to FlexForms by your system, can have its name changed or “aliased”. This feature is intended to support third-party processors with variables representing data items (like FlexForms), but with a different variable name than FlexForms. For example, what FlexForms calls Address, another system might call StreetAddress. Therefore, you need to rename the Address variable to StreetAddress for the FlexForms payment flow to direct the consumer to the third-party processor’s URL.
  • CCBill Session Parameter. Map the variable name to one of our system's data fields and pass the CCBill-defined value (either passed in by you or entered by the consumer on a form) to the URL.

3. When you are finished, click the Add icon to store the parameter.

Add name value parameters in CCBill FlexForms.

4. Click Promote to update your Live Payment Flow with the parameter.

Promote FlexForms post proxy URLs to Live.

CCBill Session Parameters

CCBill Session ParametersDescriptionData Type (Max Lenght)Example Value
customer_fnameConsumer first name.varchar (20)John
customer_lnameConsumer last name.varchar (30)Smith
emailConsumer Email address.varchar (40)user@example.com
usernameConsumer username.varchar (16)johns1983
passwordConsumer password.varchar (30)mYPaSSw0rD?
productDescProduct description.varchar (50)My Best Offer
priceHTML-formatted product price as shown on the form.string&36;5.95 for 30 days (non-recurring)
subscription_idSubscription ID Number (Approval Post URL only).bigint (20)unsigned1000000000
denialIdThe number that identifies a consumer’s declined transaction. NOTE: This number only appears with declines and remains blank with approvals.bigint (20)unsigned111140501000005157
clientAccnumCCBill merchant main account number.mediumint (6) unsigned900100
clientSubaccCCBill client subaccount number.smallint (4) unsigned zerofill0000
address1Consumer address.varchar (30)123 Main Street
cityConsumer city.varchar (30)Phoenix
stateConsumer state.varchar (20)AZ
countryConsumer country.varchar (30)US
phone_numberConsumer phone number; appears as entered by consumer.varchar (20)(123) 456-7890
zipcodeConsumer Zip Code.varchar (10)85251
start_dateSubscription start date.date2018-08-05 15:18:17
ccbill_refererCCBill affiliate ID number.string1626321
affiliateNon-custom referrer for legacy transaction; non-CCBill accounts (EC Suite, etc.)string1234567
reservationIdConsumer’s subscription Reservation ID number.bigint (20) unsigned0109072310330002423
referringUrlURL from which the transaction was referred.stringhttp://www.referringurl.biz
reasonForDeclineThe decline reason (Denial Post URL only). Text description of reasonForDeclineCode.stringSubscription ID Provided is invalid.
reasonForDeclineCodeA code representing the Decline reason.stringPlease refer to the Postback Decline Codes for a full list of decline codes and their reason descriptions.
formNameThe name you assigned to the FlexForm.char (255)Form1
cardTypeType of credit card used.stringVISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, JCB, AMEX, OTHER
responseDigestHash digest of a Dynamic Pricing response. If not using Dynamic Pricing, this value will return as a blank string.string (32)s4f5198jgd21a4pk1p2s7sd23lm58937
typeIdSubscription Type ID number identifying the price point used in the transaction.int (10)0000060748
initialPriceThe initial price of the subscription.decimal (9,2)5.99
InitialPeriodThe initial period of the subscription (in days).smallint (4) unsigned7
rebillsThe total number of rebills. A value of ‘99’ will rebill indefinitely.tinyint (2) unsigned12
initialFormattedPriceInitial price with HTML entity for the currency symbol.string$10.00
recurringFormattedPriceRecurring price with HTML entity for the currency symbol.string$19.95
approvalURLThe approval path, as set in FlexForms Systems.stringwww.approvetest.com
declineURLThe decline path, as set in FlexForms Systems.stringwww.declinetest.com