How to Reset your CCBill Admin Password?

CCBill merchants and affiliates can reset their passwords from the Admin Login page.

To change an Admin account username, merchants and affiliates need to contact CCBill Merchant Support.

To reset your CCBill Admin password:

1. Click Forget your username/password? on the Admin Login page.

The link for resetting the CCBill Admin password.

2. Use the I am a CCBill dropdown menu to select your user type. In this example, the Merchant/Client option is selected.

CCBill affiliates should select the Affiliate option.

Select user type for the CCBill Admin password reset.

3. Select Option 2.

Select Option 2 for CCBill Admin password reset.

4. Type your Account Number.

5. Enter your Username.

6. Click OK.

Enter account number and username to reset CCBill Admin password.

7. Read the Email Sent message and click OK.

Email Sent message pops up when resetting the CCBill Admin password.

8. Access your registered email account and find the email sent by CCBill Merchant Support. The email subject is Lost Password.

9. Open the Click here to update your password link.

Reset CCBill Admin password using mail account.

10. Enter a new password in the New Password and Re-Enter New Password fields.

Ensure that the password:

  • Is 8 to 16 characters long.
  • Contains at least one digit.
  • Has at least one letter.

11. Click OK.

Enter new CCBill Admin password.

12. The Successful Password Change message confirms that the new password is active. Click OK.

Successful CCBill Admin password change message.

Log in to the CCBill Admin using your username and newly created password.