CCBill Velocity Controls

CCBill Velocity Controls is an enhancement to our billing API that utilizes new controls to throttle billing API transactions. Based on your own business model, you can set up CCBill Velocity Controls and limit purchases by the number of transactions and/or by cash amount of transactions within a given period of time.

Benefits for your business:

  • Additional Security Layer
  • More Control Over Your Transactions
  • Automated Chargeback and Refund Protection
  • Added Protection Against Affiliate Fraud
  • More Transactions That Count

How it works?

Both rules can be used simultaneously and apply to all payment types. Each customer is assigned a unique ID based on the financial information the customer types in as well as other security considerations. This feature can be applied at an individual subaccount level or across all subaccounts. By setting up passive rules, you limit the chances of fraud and, on an individual basis, you allow good loyal customers to continue to make purchases beyond the established limits.

Billing API Transactions

You can establish CCBill Velocity Controls for Charge by Previous, Merchant Connect, and CCBill API Upgrades transactions. Generate more meaningful purchases with protection from undue risk.

If you are interested in this advanced feature, please contact to set up velocity controls according to your business requirements.