CCBill API: Cancel Subscription


This document is issued as an addendum to the CCBill API documentation and discusses subscription cancellation functionality. This document is written for developers, technicians, and others with advanced coding skills.


Subscription cancellation allows merchants to cancel a consumer subscription. This is performed by sending a query string to the following CGI script with variable values appended:

Once the variables have been passed to the script, the subscription will be canceled.

Required (X) and Optional (O) Parameters

Main Account  OX 
Main Account w/XML  OX X
Sub AccountX  
Sub Account w/XMLX  X

Information Returned

A success or failure code will be returned. For a full list of error codes and explanations, please consult the CCBill API Guide.

CSV Version Example

Request string


Fields: "results" 
Values: "1"

XML Version Example

!!!Request string


<?xml version='1.0' standalone='yes'?>