Using CCBill's Payment Services with Snapchat



This document will guide you through the configuration process of setting up CCBill as a payment processor for Snapchat private channels. A certain level of payment form and email customization needs to be performed to make the integration work. For your convenience, custom form creation is handled by Merchant Support.

Configuration Process

Configuring CCBill for use with Snapchat channel subscriptions requires you to complete the following six (6) steps:

  1. Create a CCBill subaccount for use with Snapchat subscribers.
  2. Work in coordination with CCBill Merchant Support to create a custom payment form that will include a field to collect the consumers' Snapchat Usernames.
  3. Customize consumer/client Approval and Cancel notification emails.
  4. Update the Product Description field.
  5. Turn off CCBill User Management.
  6. Generate HTML and embed the form's URL into your website’s code.

Create a CCBill Subaccount

1. Log in to the CCBill Admin Portal.

2. Click Account Info > Account Setup.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up a subaccount for Snapchat. (Find detailed instructions here.)

4. Each page of the wizard permits the establishment of specific options when creating a new subaccount. Click Next to proceed to the next step and choose a new subaccount number.

5. The New Subaccount #field displays the next available subaccount number. Several successive pages of the Create Subaccount wizard will follow.

6. Click Prev to return to the previous wizard page.

Create a Custom Payment Form in Coordination with Merchant Support

To start the integration process, please work with your CCBill Support representative. Let them know you plan on using CCBill payment forms to monetize access to private Snapchat channels. Our Support team will assist you in creating a custom form that includes a field in which consumers can enter their Snapchat Username. This field will be passed in as the %%productDesc%% variable.

You will need to include the %%productDesc%% dynamic variable in specific consumer and merchant email notifications. For further instructions, please continue to the next section of the document.

Configure Your Webmaster’s Email Address and Customize Consumer and Merchant Notification Emails

The next step in setting up your CCBill Account for use with Snapchat includes setting up your webmaster's email address and customizing consumer/client Approval and Cancel emails. The emails need to include the %%productDesc%% value in meaningful context.

To reach your Custom Emails section of the Admin Portal:

1. Select Account Info > Custom Emails.

2. Select your Snapchat Subaccount from the drop-down menu.

3. Click Go.

Set your Webmaster's email address:

1, Enter your notification email address in the Email for Subscription Notification field. For example,

2. Click Submit.

Customize Consumer and Client Notification Emails:

1. While on the Custom Emails screen, click Customize to modify standard CCBill notification emails.

2. You need to customize consumer and client Approval and Cancel email notifications. You can customize emails in text or HTML format.

Option to customize CCBill Approval emails.

3. For the consumer Approval email, instruct users on how to add your private Snapchat channel.

4. Be sure to include the consumer’s Snapchat Username in the email. The %%productDesc%% dynamic variable displays this value. (See image below for further details.)

Add SnapChat username parameter to CCBill approval email.

5. Click Save when finished.

Custom Emails may be subject to review and will not be made available for use until that review is complete.

6. Customize the remaining three (3) emails (Consumer Cancel Email, Client Approval Email, and Client Cancel Email). All of them should include the %%productDesc%% dynamic variable.

Click Preview to view your custom emails.

If you need assistance in creating custom emails, do not hesitate to contact CCBill Merchant Support.

Update the Form's Product Description

1. Sign in to the CCBill Admin portal.

2. Enter your Client Account Number.

3. Click Account Info > Sub Account Admin.

4. Select your Snapchat subaccount.

5. Go to Form Admin.

6. Select your newly created custom form by clicking on the form name as seen in the image below.

A list of custom SnapChat forms in the CCBill Admin.

7. Select Basic in the navigation pane on the left.

8. Enter %%productDesc%% in the Product Description field.

9. Click Update to confirm your changes.

Adding Product Description to SnapChat form.

Disable CCBill User Management

Since this account will be used for Dynamic Pricing transactions (not managing user subscriptions), User Management must be disabled.

1. Sign in to the Admin Portal.

2. On the Account Info mega menu, click Sub Account Admin.

3. Open the User Management menu.

4. Click Turn off User Management in the top section.

5. Select Do Not Collect Usernames and Passwords in the Username Settings section.

Turning off the User Management feature in the CCBill Admin.

Generate HTML

This step is crucial to enable the form on your site.

1. While in the Sub Account Admin, Select Generate HTML from the left navigation pane.

2. Select Subscription Types. Add Subscription types and click Submit.

3. If you choose more than one Subscription Type, the system will ask you to choose a preferred subscription. The Default Subscription Type page will not be displayed if you only choose one Subscription Type. Use the Default Subscription drop-down menu to choose the preferred subscription. Click Submit to update the system.

4. Select Default Form Language. In the Default Language Select Box, choose the prominent language. Click the Submit button to update the system.

5. Select Default Currency Code. Set the default form currency, or use GEO IP instead. Click Submit to continue.

6. An html code is generated. Copy this code and embed it into your website in order to start processing transactions.


If you need to collect consumer details, please use CCBill's premium feature — Webhooks. The Webhooks User Guide discusses how to implement the CCBill Webhooks system. The document is intended to be read by programmers, technicians, and others with advanced coding skills.

What happens when a consumer wants to subscribe?

1. Consumers are taken to the Merchant's custom form. They provide all the necessary information, including their Snapchat username, and select a subscription option.

2. Consumers will receive a custom approval email with clear instructions on how to add the Merchant's private Snapchat account.

3. Merchants will need to add them back, and that is why Consumers provide their Snapchat Username when subscribing.

Additional Resources


If you need any help configuring your CCBill account for use with Snapchat, please do not hesitate to contact Merchant Support.

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