FlexForms Sandbox

What is the Sandbox?

A Sandbox is a developer’s term that indicates an area where you can try things and rearrange things in a sort of test mode. Our FlexForms sandbox works the same.
All Payment Flows and forms are created in a Sandbox mode. No external users can access the sandbox link and any links that you obtain from the sandbox can only be used when you are logged in to the CCBill Admin Portal. It’s meant only for testing.

So, what does that mean for you? It means that as soon as you promote a Payment Flow to Live—the environment that allows consumers to use the form you’ve created and perfected in the Sandbox—you will need to grab the Web Widget code or link URL from the Live environment and place that on your live site so that consumers can use your Payment Flow to make purchases from your site.

Let’s take look at a few items to learn about how the Sandbox and Live environments work.

Sandbox or Live?

At the top of the screen is a toggle switch. This switch indicates which mode you’re in.

If the slider is on the Sandbox side that means you’re currently working in the Sandbox. This mode is the default mode and allows you to create and edit Payment Flows and FlexForms.

If the slider is on the Live side, you’re looking at live Payment Flows. You cannot make any changes in Live Mode. This is where you can view your live Payment Flows and get Web Widget and URL code for live forms.