FlexForms WebWidgets and URLs

What is a Web Widget?

Copy and paste a Web Widget on to your site as a link to call a specific Payment Flow. The Web Widget is customizable to appear as a button or as a hyperlink with different wording.

FlexForms offers you two different linking methods: Web Widget links and URL links. You should already be familiar with the URL link method; we simply give you the URL for the Payment Flow, and you place it on your site where and how you desire.

The new functionality of the Web Widget, though, allows you to place a single set of code on your site that allows you to make changes to how the link looks on your site from within the Admin Portal, without having to update the code on your site.

The button that is displayed to the consumer is the result of the Web Widget code. If we were to place the Web Widget Code (obtained by clicking Get Code) on our test site, it would look like the example from the Admin Portal.

How do I modify the Web Widget?

You can change the Web Widget by clicking Modify. Make the Web Widget a link or one of several button types, or change the text on the button or link. You can make the form open in a new tab if you want to.

Web Widget Preview

You are able to preview your Web Widgets. It will be displayed in the Web Widget column in the list of your Payment Flows.

Click to enlarge

While this Web Widget preview is nice, we added a little bit extra to it, and made it clickable here in the Admin so that you can easily take a look at the Payment Flow for testing. The really great thing about the Web Widget is that any changes made through the Admin Portal will automatically update on your site.

Remember again that the code for Web Widgets and URLs is DIFFERENT when you’re in Live Mode than it is in the Sandbox.

 URLs and Setting Parameters

If you are looking to set parameters for external URLs, please refer to the Third Party Processor Information page.

If you are looking for information on the URLs Library, please refer to the FlexForms Image and URL Libraries page.