General FAQs

How do I sign up for CCBill services?

Merchants can start accepting payments from consumers worldwide in a matter of days through CCBill's online application. Whether your business is located in the United States, Canada, European Union, United Kingdom or elsewhere, applying for CCBill payment processing is just a few steps away.

Before you begin, there are a few things you will want to have available:

The information you provide in your application must match the information in the submitted identification documents.

How do I know when my merchant account is ready?

After a successful compliance review and an initial account setup, CCBill will send you a Welcome Email with your User Name, Password, and Account Number included.

How can I change my merchant account information?

CCBill provides online account change forms. Follow the link and select the appropriate form based on which account information you wish to update.

Are there any guidelines I should follow for my site?

CCBill maintains a list of Acceptable Use Policies for your reference.

Can I process payments for customers worldwide?

Yes, CCBill processes payments globally and supports customers with local currencies, payment options, and languages. See CCBill's smart checkout features for more information.

Can I process payments for various business models (e.g., membership site and selling tangibles)?

Yes, you can process payments for various business models. CCBill offers online payment services for nearly every type of industry, business model, and risk category. These include:

  • Subscription Processing
  • Ecommerce
  • High Risk Businesses
  • Dating
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Streaming Media
  • Live Cams

Can I use a single subaccount to sell subscriptions and tangible goods?

Due to system banking rules, and because of practical reasons in dealing with multiple business models, subscription-based business models and tangible goods business models cannot operate on the same subaccount. Besides the rules stipulated by our fraud management team, keeping things separate will help you track transactions and maintain your account organized.

If you're operating multiple business models, please create separate subaccounts for each business model. Refer to the Create Subaccount KB article for more information.

Do I need additional software to use CCBill as a payment processor?

No. Our system is designed as a standalone solution for subscription and ecommerce payment processing and fraud protection. CCBill provides supported integration options through our Integration Partners Program. Before purchasing any software, contact CCBill Support and one of our Support Representatives will explain your integration options.

How do I track transactions?

We offer various tools and reports that allow you to track all of your transactions in our Admin Portal. Explore CCBill's comprehensive Reporting System.

I have an employee that handles my technical problems, can I have them call support instead of me?

Absolutely. You will need to complete the Account Authorization form located at the URL below to authorize an individual for access to technical support from Merchant Support.

Account Authorization Form

If you need assistance with this form please do not hesitate to contact Merchant Support.

How can I contact CCBill Support?

The contact information below is for existing merchant inquiries:

Sales Support

If you do not already have an existing merchant account, please contact our Sales Department for assistance:

Affiliate Support

The contact information below is for existing affiliate inquires:

Corporate Address

Address: 2353 W. University Dr. Tempe, AZ 85281-7223
Phone: 480.449.7751