Price Points

CCBill is NOT responsible for loss of revenue that might occur if you use the Advanced features of Regional Pricing. Please make sure that you understand the Regional Pricing feature thoroughly before enabling any of these advanced features. If you do not, please use the Basic Mode of Regional Pricing.

A Price Point defines the billing type (single or recurring), initial and recurring price, initial and recurring period, and number of rebills for subscriptions that will be used for your regional pricing set up. You may have as many Base Price Points as you wish, but you must have at least one.

Price Points can be created in the Pricing Admin in addition to creating them in the Regional Pricing Setup Wizard. You will need to create a new price point if you do not currently have any price points set up, or if you wish to set up a new price point for Regional Pricing purposes.

Please remember that you can apply settings to an individual subaccount, or to the main account and ALL subaccounts by choosing your main account prior to beginning these processes.

To create a Price Point:

  1. In Traffic Manager, choose the Price Points tab.
  2. Choose Single Billing or Recurring Billing from the Billing Type drop-down menu.
  3. Choose the Base Currency (Primary currency) for the price point from the drop-down menu.
  4. Depending upon the billing type, you will be asked to enter a Price and Billing Period or Initial Price, Initial Billing Period, Recurring Price, Recurring Billing Period, and Rebills.
  5. Click Save Price Point.

After you have created a price point, you will need to go to the Regional Pricing tab to continue the wizard.