On the Configurations tab of the Traffic Manager you can perform the following functions:

  1. Create a New Configuration
  2. Create New Processor Roles
  3. View Configuration List
  4. Edit Existing Configurations
  5. Copy a Configuration

Create a New Configuration

The bottom right of the Configurations page has a Create New Configuration button. After clicking this button you are asked to complete a variety of data fields:

  1. Enter a unique Name.
  2. Enter a unique Description.
  3. Choose the Processor for the configuration from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose the Payment Type from the drop-down menu.
  5. Choose the Form Type, Form Layout, and Form Theme from the options available in the drop-down menu (the preview will change as you make selections if choosing CCBill as your processor).
  6. Choose the pricing options to display from the Available Pricing list by clicking a pricing option and dragging it to the Selected Pricing list. (If you do not see the pricing option you need, click Create New Pricing.)*
  7. Enter the Key and Value in the Advanced Parameters area (pass-through variables).
  8. Click Save.

Create New Processor Role

ADVANCED FEATURE: This option allows you to send parameters to a URL in order to process a transaction using a processor not currently supported in Traffic Manager. This feature is disabled by default; if you wish to use this feature, please contact Merchant Support to enable the feature.

Once the feature is enabled, you can begin creating custom processor roles. Once created, new processor roles can be selected from the list of processors when creating a new configuration.

For more information on integrating custom processors into your cascade configuration, consult the Cascade to URL Integration Guide which can be obtained from Merchant Support upon enabling the feature.

View Configuration List

To view the Configuration List, click the Configurations tab in the Traffic Manager.

For each column in the Configuration List, there is an arrow in the title. This arrow allows you to filter the list in ascending or descending order to make it easier to locate a configuration. To filter simply click on the column title.

Edit Configuration

To make changes to an existing configuration, click the Edit button at the right of the row identifying the configuration you need to change. Make any changes you need and click the Save button. If you decide you don't need to make the changes you can click the Reset button.

Copy Configuration

The Copy button enables you to make a new configuration based on an existing configuration.

Locate the configuration you want to duplicate in the list and click the Copy button at the right of the row. A new record appears at the bottom with the same configuration as the existing configuration. Enter a new and unique Name and Description and add any new pricing, keys, or values. Be sure to click Save when you are done.

Step 5 and forward will be different. These steps are for using CCBill as the processor. If setting up a Paycom Configuration, you will be asked for a pi code; Segpay configurations require an E-Ticket ID.
This information can be obtained from Epoch and Segpay (respectively) and is required to complete the configuration. An integration guide for both Epoch and Paycom can be found on the third-party integrations page.