FlexForms Quick Start Guide

This document is provided as a technical resource to all FlexForms users. It is intended to help merchants configure FlexForms and engineer Payment Flows. Some of the advanced options, such as Dynamic Pricing and A/B testing, are mentioned only briefly and you will find instructions on these advanced options in other company documents.

The targeted audience of the Quick Start Guide are Web Developers and Merchants who are setting up FlexForms which are to be used on commercial websites.

Note: For the best user experience, please avoid using Google Chrome when administering FlexForms.

This quick start guide will lead you through the form-creation process in FlexForms. The document was published on August 24th, 2016.

Getting Started with FlexForms Payment Forms

FlexForms is the result of the company's continuous effort of updating our existing legacy forms. CCBill has created a payment flow system that is simple to use, yet full of features. By creating Payment Flows you will engineer a pleasurable customer experience and determine the path your customers take when clicking that first Buy Now! button.

Sandbox and Live Environment

The Sandbox is a test environment in which you create, edit, and perfect your Payment Flows before displaying them to your customers. All Payment Flows are created in Sandbox mode, and external users cannot view Payment Flows in the Sandbox.

When you perfect your Forms and Payment Flows and want to display them to customers, you need to PROMOTE them to the Live Environment. The toggle switch in the upper-left corner of the FlexForms Payment Links screen indicates in which mode you are in.

FlexForms live/sandbox switch.

For now, stay in Sandbox mode until you perfect a Payment Flow.

How to Launch a Payment Flow

STEP 1: Navigate to the FlexForms System

In order to open the FlexForms System you need to:

  1. Log in to the CCBill Admin Portal at https://admin.ccbill.com/loginMM.cgi.
  2. Once you log in, hover over the FlexForms Systems mega menu.
  3. Click on FlexForms Payment Links.

This will take you to the FlexForms landing page, on which you can create and edit Payment Flows.

STEP 2: How to Add a Payment Flow

  1. On the FlexForms Systems page, click the Add New button in the upper-left corner of the screen. You are now essentially editing the first tile of the Payment Flow.
  2. Enter a Name for your Payment Flow in the top field.

    FlexForms payment form primary tile.
  3. There are three (3) Redirect To options:
    • New Form. Create a new FlexForm.
    • Existing Form. Use a previously made Form.
    • URL

Your Primary Tile is the starting point of your Payment Flow, so you MUST select a Redirect To option.

STEP 3: Create a FlexForm

1. Select New Form, as you do not have any existing forms.

2. Set basic Form settings:

Enter a Form NameThis will be the name of your Form.
Select the PricingAssign Price Points to the Form. This will be the pricing offered to customers.
Select a LayoutCentered, Right Justified, or Left Justified.
Select a Color ThemeSelect a predetermined Color Theme.

3. Optionally, you may want to:

Set up Special OffersThese are secondary offers which are presented to customers as discounts.
Write a Form DescriptionThe Form Description is intended to simplify differentiating between forms. For example, you can enter Denial Form if you intend to use it as a Deny path.
Write a Product DescriptionThe description of the product or membership being sold on your subaccount website.

FlexForms Editor
All of these settings can be modified in the FlexForms Editor at every moment. Pop up the Editor by clicking the Forms Library button in the upper-right corner of the screen. There you can create new forms as well, by clicking the Create New Form button.

STEP 4: Select the Price

Price Points are your existing pricing options which you assign to a Form. To assign a Price Point:

  1. Click View & Select Pricing.
  2. Click on check boxes at the far left of the window in order to assign Price Points. You may select as many price points as you wish.
  3. Click OK to confirm your selection.

Create New Price

  1. Click Create New Price to create a pricing option.
  2. Select billing type, base currency, initial price, initial billing period, recurring price, recurring billing period, and the number of rebills using the fields provided.
  3. Click the Save Price Point button to save your pricing option.

STEP 5: Set Up an Approval and Denial Path (Optional)

After you have created your Primary Tile, you will see a graphic representation of the Flow.

Edit your Primary Tile by clicking on it. Beside your Primary Tile are Redirect Tiles which are automatically made, and their default state is No Redirect. So, if a customer is declined or approved when making a transaction, they will see the default approval or decline message.

Click a Redirect Tile to modify it.

Approval Path

This is the path customers take when their transaction is approved. The Approval Tile is always below the Primary and Deny Tile. When editing the Approval Path, your options are limited. You can redirect to a URL, or make a URL available for the consumer to MANUALLY click on.

FlexForms - setting up an approval path

Deny Path

This is the path consumers take when they are declined on a transaction. They will be redirected to the deny path to try again. The Deny Tile is always to the right of the Primary Tile.

Setting up a deny path for FlexForms.

To set up a Deny Path:

  1. Click the Deny Tile. A new window has opened. It will be very similar to the one you saw when you created the Primary Tile.
  2. Select one of several redirect options along the left side of the screen.
    • New Form. Create a new FlexForm as you did for the Primary Tile.
    • Existing Form. Use a previously made Form.
    • URL. Add an external or internal link. Send customers back to your website or to a third-party payment form.

STEP 6: Customizing Advanced Form Properties

FlexForms can be modified in terms of appearance and can also be integrated with Google Analytics and other payment processors. To modify advanced options:

  1. Open the Forms Library.
    Forms library
  2. Select a Form from the scrollable area on the left.
  3. Open the All Settings tab. A list of settings will be on the left.

With advanced options you can:

FlexForms editor.

As this document tackles the most important steps of launching a FlexForm, advanced options will not be dealt with in detail. For further instructions on advanced form options, refer to the FlexForms User Guide.

However, customizing the visual appearance of a form will be explained in the section below.

Make Visual Adjustments (Optional)

CCBill offers predetermined visual themes, but FlexForms can be visually modified to resemble the look and feel of your website. It must be noted that while the visual appearance can be customized, the action fields remain the same, and all visual modifications are subject to approval by CCBill, LLC.

To customize the look of a Form:

  1. Open the Forms Library.
  2. Select a form from the scrollable area on the left.
  3. Open the All Settings tab. A list of settings will be on the left.
  4. Look for the following settings in order to add your images to the Form:
SettingDescriptionMax Dimension
FlexForms Banner ImageSelect an image for your banner. It will appear at the top of the Form.960 x 100
Approval MessageAdd an image to the approval page.150 x 270
Image 1/2Topmost and lowermost on Form. Depending on the layout you might not be able to add these images.150 x 270
Promotional OffersAdd images to compliment your promotional offers.Dimensions vary depending on the number of images and position.

All uploaded images can be found in the Image Library. Click on the Image Library button in order to pop up the Image Library.

Besides images, adjust the visual appearance of your FlexForm by setting the Color Theme and Card Logos option.

STEP 7: Preview a FlexForm

To preview a FlexForm:

  1. Open the Forms Library.
  2. Select a form from the scrollable area on the left.
  3. Click Preview Payment Form.

The preview represents the major changes you have made.

STEP 8: Activating your Payment Flow

Web Widgets and URLs

This is essentially how customers are redirected to a Payment Flow. They click on a Web Widget button or hyperlink to be redirected to the Flow. The Web Widget can be modified to appear as a button or hyperlink with different wording.

  1. Open the FlexForms Systems menu.
  2. Select FlexForms Payment Links.
  3. Click on the Widget Code link in order to modify the Web Widget.
  4. On the Link Codes window you can set the visual appearance of the Web Widget:
    • Label. There are four (4) predetermined labels, depending on the type of product in offer.
    • Button or Link? If button, you can select the color and style.
    • Form opens in a new tab? If Same tab, the screen refreshes and displays the payment form.

Promote to Live

In order to push a Payment Flow to Live (meaning to link a Payment Flow to your website) you need to:

  1. Open the FlexForms Systems menu located at the far right in the CCBill Admin.
  2. Click FlexForms Payment Links.
  3. Click Promote to Live in the row of the Payment Flow you wish to push to the Live environment.
  4. Click Yes (Promote to Live) to confirm your choice. Upon Promoting to Live, a WebWidget Code will be generated automatically.
  5. Click the Widget Code button in the row of the recently promoted Payment Flow. The Links Code window will open. The right side of the Link Codes window will display the Widget Code and URL that will launch the LIVE version of the Flow.
  6. Copy the configured LIVE Widget Code Snippet or URL and embed it in your website's code to make use of the WebWidget functionality.

Now customers can click on the button or hyperlink in order to open the Payment Flow.

URLs Library

The URLs Library is where you will find every external or internal link you ever added to a Payment Flow. In the URLs Library, you are able to add URLs and customize them. Open the URLs Library by clicking the URLs Library button on the right side of the FlexForms screen.

Advanced Feature: Use the Add Name/Value Pairs to pass information to external links. This is how you can manually set up what you need to make a third-party payment processor work. However, this is an advanced feature and it is not needed for setting up a basic configuration.

Test CCBill Pay for Yourself

While previewing the changes you have made, you can test the CCBill Pay option and experience it for yourself as well. For the initial release of CCBill Pay, however, there are NO dummy accounts. You need to have a real CCBill Pay account in order to log in and test the environment.

Support Options

If you need any further assistance in setting up FlexForms or if you have any questions regarding FlexForms, contact Merchant Support via email at merchantsupport@ccbill.com, through an online chat request, or call Merchant Support at 800.510.2859. We offer 24/7 around the clock support.

Icon Map

This is a list of some of the many icons you will see in the Admin Portal and what they indicate.

Icon Identification

Identifies a link that has updated or new tasks included

News Archives

From the News area, click the News Archives link to view past news posts.

To List News:

  1. Select a date range using the Date Lookup pane.
  2. Select one or more Areas (such as All, Home, Reports, Tools, or Affiliates)
  3. Select one or more Types:
    • All. Review all system news.
    • Alert. Review news items that are advisory in nature.
    • System. Review news items pertaining to the Admin System.
    • Webmaster. Review news items written for merchants.
  4. Click List News to display the News report and review the selected news information.

User Information

The User Information area allows you to change your password or jump to the Account Change Forms site.

To change your password:

  1. Under User Information on the right side of the screen, click Change Password.
  2. Enter your Current Password in the first field.
  3. Enter the new password you wish to use in both the New Password and Re-Enter New Password fields.
  4. Click OK.

The Account Change Form link will take you to the Account Change Forms section of the Merchant Support site. A list of all available Account Change Forms is available on this site. If a form is listed on the site but the link does not work you will need to contact merchant support to obtain a copy of that form.

Transaction Test Settings

In the Transaction Test Settings area, enter test user information to test Visa, MasterCard, and Online Check transactions for the subaccount website. You can create new test transaction users, lookup, view, and modify current users with the settings available in the Selection Pane. This area also allows you to enter email addresses and IP ranges for test sign ups.

If you have several subaccounts, a list of the subaccount numbers followed by the website name are displayed in the subaccount drop-down menu. Select a subaccount from the drop-down menu and click Lookup to access the subaccount information and list the valid test sign ups.

  1. Click Create New User to display the Create Test Signup User page where you can add a new user.
    Guideline on how to Create a New Test Transaction User.
  2. Enter a user's email address in the Email field located under the View/Modify Users heading to find a specific user. Leave the field blank to generate a report that lists all valid test sign ups.
  3. Click Lookup to display the Valid Test Signups report.

Feature Summary

To better facilitate the management of Merchant accounts, CCBill has created a new screen in the Admin Portal called the Feature Summary Screen.

The Feature Summary Screen is essentially an aggregating page; it provides you a convenient place to view the currently active and inactive features on an account or subaccount level and prevents you from having to hunt throughout the Admin Portal to determine your status for these features. For many services, a link is also provided to take you directly to the Admin Portal location where the referenced feature status can be modified.

Feature Summary Screen Access

To access the Feature Summary Screen:

  1. In the Admin Portal, click to open the Account Info mega menu.
  2. Click to select the Feature Summary link under either Main Account or Manage Subaccounts, depending on which you would like to view.

If you choose the Subaccount Feature Summary Screen but have the Subaccount Selector pointing to the ALL option, you will be directed to a Subaccount Selection screen that allows you to choose the appropriate subaccount.

Feature Summary Screen Overview

The top of the Feature Summary Screen indicates if you are viewing a Main Account Info screen or a Subaccount Info screen in the page heading. Below that, the screen is broken down into sections to make it easier to locate the service and see if it is active for the account/subaccount or not. The following is a breakdown of the sections and what is included in those sections.
It is important to remember that this screen will look different for different subaccounts and some options will show/not show based upon other service selections. If something doesn't appear, it can be deemed non-applicable to the account, typically because you have another service active or deactivated that precludes or excludes the use of that product, or because a service is only available at the main account or subaccount level. If you have any questions, please contact Merchant Support.
For the following sections, inclusions are applicable to both the Main Account and Subaccount Level unless noted.

Account Settings

The following are the possible inclusions for the Account Settings area:

User Management

The following are the possible inclusions for the User Management area:


The following are the possible inclusions for the Payout area:

Form Settings

The following are the possible inclusions for the Form Settings area:

Billing Tools

The following are the possible inclusions for the Billing Tools area:


The following are the possible inclusions for the Promotions area:

Data Tools

The following are the possible inclusions for the Data Tools area:

Affiliate Programs

The following are the possible inclusions for the Affiliate Programs area:

Test Install

Test Install is used to test the installation that was performed with the files downloaded from the Build Install area. The test runs some checks and determines the success or error response.

The results of the Manual Add test, showing Successful, Failed and Codes are displayed on the right of the page.

Refer to the following for a list of the codes and their meanings:

Code Meaning
000 Generic failure accessing password media
001 Returned on add
010 Returned on remove or update
011 Unable to open, create, write directory
100 Private key incorrect
101 Catch-all error code for abnormal problem
110 Post made from IP out of range
111 Success

After the test is complete, you should always remove the user that was added by the test. Click the Remove Username button to manually remove the user.


There are two types of discounts available to you:

Cancel Discount

The Cancel Discount is offered to customers on the CCBill Cancellation page.

Canceling members will receive this page when they:

  1. Go to the CCBill Cancellation page that is available on https://support.ccbill.com.
  2. Enter their email address and their Subscription ID or Credit Card number.
  3. Click to cancel their subscription from the Subscription Matrix.

Enter the required information for the cancel discount amount. This is the amount in U.S. dollars of the reduction. If the dollar amount is $0.00, then no markdown is given. For example, if you enter a $5.00 discount amount for a subscription price of $19.99, the canceling members will be offered the option to continue their subscriptions for only $14.99 a month for the remaining life of their membership.

Click Submit to save the Cancel Discount information to CCBill's system.

Click Delete to remove the Discount.

Loyalty Discount

The Loyalty Discount is offered to your new customers on either the Sign Up Form or the Approval page. The discount options determine the amount of the discount, when to begin the discount, how many rebills you would like to offer the discount, and whether or not you would like to offer additional reductions or discounts after the initial discount period.

Enter the required information for the loyalty discount values as follows:

Click Update to save the Loyalty Discount information to CCBill's system. Click Delete to remove the Loyalty Discount.

Review the Loyalty Discount information using the helpful Amortization Table. Click the Show Amortization Table button to display a projection of the loyalty reductions over time.

Self Install

You have chosen to handle the installation of this subaccount yourself. Our technical support team will create a CGI local script for your new account and email the zipped files required for the installation of your subaccount, including a step-by-step installation guide.

All newly created accounts require a review prior to accepting real transactions. In order to conduct this review, we require access to your Members' area. If your Members area is password protected, you must provide us with an active username and password so we may access your subscription-based content for review. We will attempt to review all accounts within the first 72 hours after submittal. (PLEASE NOTE: weekends and financial holidays may extend this review period). There are no exceptions to this rule!

Enter the following information to set up access to your members' area:

Please give us the email address of the technical support person who will handle the installation. Self Install Contact example: webtech@yourwebsite.com. Also, please provide the email address for the person to receive your install information. Install Information email example: webtech@website.com

Click Next to proceed.

Server Information (CCBill Install)

In order for CCBill to handle the installation of our system onto the server for this subaccount, you must supply information regarding your Web site's location.

If you do not have the required FTP and Server information at this time, it is very important that you collect it as quickly as possible. Within the next 24 to 72 hours, our merchant support representatives will contact you and request this information. It is required to complete the CCBill software installation. If there is any specific technical information we should have or if you do not wish for us to handle the installation of our system onto your servers, please make a note in the comments fields.

Enter the following information if this is a CCBill Installation:

All newly created accounts require a review prior to accepting real transactions. In order to conduct this review, we require access to your Members' area. If your Members area is password protected, you must provide us with an active User Name and password so we may access your subscription-based content for review. We will attempt to review all accounts within the first 72 hours after submittal (PLEASE NOTE: weekends and financial holidays may extend this review period). There are no exceptions to this rule!

Enter the following information to setup access to your members area: