Subscription Upgrade System Addendum B: One-Click Upgrades


This guide is provided as a technical resource to CCBill merchants. It is intended for technicians, programmers, and others with advanced programming skills.


One-Click Upgrades, a feature of the CCBill Subscription Upgrade System, enable CCBill Merchants to upgrade a consumer subscription to a new subscription without requiring the consumer to re-enter payment information. Upgrades can be done in the same sub-account or a different sub-account but must be pre-configured for the Merchant account.

When the upgrade is performed, a new subscription for the consumer is created. CCBill’s postback system will return values describing the outcome of the transaction. For more information on the returned data, please consult the CCBill Background Post User’s Guide.

One-Click Upgrades require approval from CCBill Management. The feature can be requested and enabled only by contacting CCBill Merchant Support.

The system supports both Credit Card and ACH (Automated Clearing House) upgrades.

Setup and Implementation

The upgrades themselves are configured entirely by CCBill Staff. Setup requirements as well as implementation procedures are identical to those found in the Subscription Upgrade User’s Guide.

Upgrade Form

Upgrades require an upgrade form, which is used by the consumer to request the upgrade. CCBill provides a default upgrade form which can be customized to meet the Merchant’s specific needs.

The form itself will contain only a button for the consumer to confirm the upgrade. The transaction will be performed using the payment information from CCBill’s database. No further payment information will be required from the consumer. Because no payment information is entered, merchants are responsible for hosting the terms of the upgrade for consumers to see.

The following URL will be used for all upgrade operations using this system:

Values will be passed in to this URL as required to perform the upgrade. For a list of required and optional variables, please consult the Subscription Upgrade System User’s Guide.