Data Link

To unlock a user's Data Link IP address, use the Account or IP Address fields to search for a locked IP address. A list of locked IP addresses will appear in the report window.

Click the IP address in the window, then click the Unlock button to unlock the address.

Data Link Setup allows you to administer users and add IPs for Data Link System accounts.

Users are required to have unique authentication data to access the Data Link System. They cannot access the Data Link System using their Admin System username and password assigned in the Permissions System.

Use the Selection Pane to add a new user or view User and IP reports for the Data Link System. Links in the User and IP reports allow you to modify Users and IP Ranges.

Under the Add New User heading, type the main account and subaccount number in the Text Boxes. Click the New User button to create a user. The Add User page opens in the Display area.

Under the View/ Modify Users heading, type the main account and subaccount number in the Text Boxes. Click the View Users button. A User Report opens in the Display area.

Under the View/ Modify IP Ranges heading, type the main account and subaccount number in the Text Boxes. Click the View IPs button. An IP Report opens in the Display area.

This screen allows you to manage Data Link users.

Viewing Existing Users

To view existing users, click the View Users button. A list of current Data Link users will appear. Click the name of the user in the list to make changes to that user's settings. You can also deactivate that user by clicking the Deactivate User button.

Adding New Users

To add a new user, click the Add User button and fill out the following fields:

  • Account. The account which will be accessed by Data Link.
  • Username. The username to which settings will be applied.
  • Password. The user's password. For verification, re-enter the password in the Retype Password field.
  • Subsystem. Check the box next to each Data Link subsystem to which the user should have access.
  • Valid IPs. This field ensures that Data Link operations are performed only from specified IP addresses. To enter a single IP address, do so in the boxes provided and click the Add to Valid IPs button. You may also enter a range of IP addresses by clicking the Enter IP Range button and entering the beginning and ending addresses in the boxes.

When finished, click the Store User button to save settings.

These settings will allow you to decide which pieces of data are returned for each transaction type when performing a Data Link Extract query. To customize your Data Link Extract settings, complete the following:

  • Click the View Data Formats button.
  • Click the Customize link next to the transaction type you would like to modify.
  • In the Available Fields box, select the fields you would like to add to the query by holding the Ctrl key and selecting each item. (You may select all in the list by clicking one item, holding the Shift key, and clicking another item. All items in between the two will be selected.)
  • Click the Add button to add the fields to the Selected Fields box.
  • If necessary, remove fields from the query by selecting each field you would like to remove in the Selected Fields box, and clicking the Remove button.
  • You may also change the order in which the fields are returned by selecting an item and using the arrow buttons next to the Selected Fields list.
  • When finished, click Submit Changes to save changes. You may also click Cancel to discard changes.

Repeat this process for each transaction type you wish to modify.

If Merchant Support has requested a report from the Data Link system for you, you may retrieve the report when it is ready by following these steps:

  1. From Analysis, click the Data Link Report link.
  2. Select the subaccount, Start Date, and End Date (or pre-programmed date range) for your search.
  3. Choose the report Status to search for, or All to view reports in any status.
  4. Click Show Report.
  5. Select the report that you wish to download by clicking the report number in the ID column.
  6. Click the Available link (the link only appears if the report is ready for download). Your browser will prompt you to save the file.
  7. Click the appropriate option to Save the file.
  8. Browse to the directory where you want to save the file and click Save.

The file is saved to your computer in .csv format (Comma Separated Value). Once the file has been saved, you may open it in Excel, WordPad, NotePad, or import it into other programs with the appropriate mappings.