FlexForms Editor

There are two ways to work with Forms in FlexForms. One way is to create and make changes to forms from within Payment Flows, which you will learn about in the Modifying a Payment Flow section later. The other way to work with forms is to use the FlexForms Editor. Regardless of which way you choose to make and edit your forms, every form is in the same collection and you only have one collection of forms on your account. You can access the FlexForms Editor from the drop-down navigation at the top left of the screen.

The first available option is to create a new form and you should definitely click this link if you want to create a new form or two to add to your Form Library.

Creating a FlexForm

Creating forms is easy. It's done in the FlexForms Editor.

  1. Open the FlexForm Editor.
  2. Click the Create a New Form button in the far left of the window.
  3. Set the basic form settings. This includes:
    • Entering a Form Name.
    • Selecting the Pricing.
    • Selecting a Layout.
    • Selecting a Color Theme.
  1. Optionally, you may want to:
    • Set up Promotional Offers.
    • Write a Form Description.
    • Write a Product Description.

What is a Form ID?

When you select a FlexForm in the FlexForm Editor you will see the unique Form ID at the top of the window. This is the unique number which has been assigned to the Form by the system.

Is my FlexForm approved for Live environment?

This is something you can check in the FlexForms Editor. Select a FlexForm and look at the top of the Editor. The status will either be:

  1. Approved for Live.
  2. Pending Approval. If you add an image that has a pending approval status, or if you change the Product Description or use a Custom CSS, your FlexForm will receive a Pending Approval status. This image will be displayed on a FlexForm with a Pending Approval status.