FlexForms - Working With Forms

There are two ways to work with Forms in FlexForms. One way is to create and make changes to forms from within Payment Flows, which you will learn about in the Modifying a Payment Flow section later. The other way is to use the FlexForms Editor.

Regardless of which way you choose to make and edit your forms, every form is in the same collection and you only have one collection of forms on your account. You can access the FlexForms Editor from the drop-down navigation at the top left of the screen:

FlexForms Editor

The first available option is to create a new form and you should definitely click this link if you want to create a new form or two to add to your Form Library.

FlexForms Library

The left side of the window displays a scrollable list of all of the forms in your FlexForms Library. All of the options on the screen apply to the active form, the one highlighted in this form list. In the example below, the form Test 1 is selected, so all of the information displaying on the screen pertains to that form.

Form Information

The top of the FlexForms Editor screen displays some data about the selected form for you and gives you a little information about the status of that form:

  • Form ID
  • Form Name
  • Approved for Live/Pending Approval
  • Promote to Live? button
  • Form Active/Inactive

Changing Form Properties

After selecting the FlexForm you want to edit, make changes to the form in the center area using the options given. Click on a property name to display the options for that form property (Color Theme is selected in this example, giving us the option to edit the CSS associated with the FlexForm).

Each property has its own save button, located at the bottom of the screen, and the save button is only active if you’ve made changes.

All Settings

  • Address Fields. Here you can set whether Address information is collected. This is for credit cards only, and for all other payment methods address entry is required.
  • Approval Message. Here you can set up what the consumer will see when a transaction is approved. This is where you can enter your Google AdWords Conversion Code as well if you want to track conversion rates.
  • Banner Image. Set your banner image if you wish.
  • CAPTCHA. All options for this property may not be available due to FlexForm rule settings. Contact Merchant Support if you have questions at 800-510-2859 or merchantsupport@ccbill.com.
  • Card Logos. Choose Display Secondary Images if you want additional card logos on display.
  • Caption/Labels. Choose the text that will appear on the Form.
  • Color Theme. Choose the color theme of the Form.
  • Email. Select an option for the Email Field.
  • Form Active. Here is where you can deactivate a form if you do not need it anymore.
  • Google Analytics Code. Enter your Google Analytics Tracking Code if you wish to integrate FlexForms with Google Analytics.
  • Image 1 and Image 2. Add images to your forms. (The number of images that can be added may vary depending on your choice of Layouts.)
  • Layout. (Changing layouts may require re-attaching side images to the form, if desired.)
    • Centered
    • Left Justified
    • Right Justified

Note: The two column option has been retired as of FlexForms 2.0. CCBill still offers support for existing two-column forms.

  • Loyalty Discount on Form. Choose whether to display Loyalty Discounts on the Form. They can be displayed or hidden for each Price Point.
  • Loyalty Discount on Approval. Choose whether to display Loyalty Discounts with the Approval Message.
  • Name and Description. Modify Form name, form description, and product description.
  • Phone Number Required. Will you require the Consumer to enter a phone number?
  • Pricing. Select Price Points to be assigned to the form, and check the Allow for Dynamic Prices to be passed to form. check box if you wish to be able to change prices dynamically.
  • Promotional Offers. Add up to five (5) Promotional Offers that may be presented to consumers between the Payment Screen and the Approval Message.★
  • Regional Pricing. Select Yes if you want Regional Pricing on the Form.

The maximum number of Promotional Offers may depend on underlying Client Rules.

Promotional Offers

Promotional offers can easily be set up in the FlexForms Editor:

  1. Click the Forms Library link in the upper right corner of your screen.
  2. Select a form from your library.
  3. Click the Promotional Offers property setting from the list of Common Settings.
  4. Select a Title for your offer(s):
    • Special Offer
    • Today's Special
    • Additional Offers
  5. Add images to the Special Offers section (optional).
  6. Create up to five (5) Special Offers.
  7. For every offer you need to set the following settings:
    • Select Pricing
    • Location. Payment Form or Approval Message.
    • Pricing Text. Select one of the two predefined texts. (One text is optimized for selling tangible goods, while the other is optimized for subscriptions.)
    • Referrer. Each promotion supports separately configurable affiliate rules in order to determine what affiliate gets credited for the promotional sale.
      • Referrer from Original Site (default). Any affiliate ID on the main/primary sale on the form will also get credit if the consumer buys this promotion. (Note that if there is no affiliate ID on the main sale, nobody gets credit.)
      • Custom Referrer. This allows the merchant to enter an affiliate ID of their choosing. That affiliate ID will always get credit if a consumer buys this promotion.
    • Select the Display Offer check box in order to make the offer visible to customers.

You can have the offers configured and ready, but display them only when you want to.

Note: A total of five (5) Special Offers may be presented to Consumers between the Payment Screen and the Approval Message. The number may vary depending on Client Rules.

Preview Changes

To take a look at what your changes have done to the form, use the Preview Payment Form button on the right.

The form will open in a new tab for you to review.

Is my FlexForm approved for Live environment?

This is something you can check in the FlexForms Editor. Select a FlexForm and look at the top of the Editor. The status will either be:

  1. Approved for Live.
  2. Pending Approval. If you add an image that has a pending approval status, or if you change the Product Description or use a Custom CSS, your FlexForm will receive a Pending Approval status. Additionally, this image will be displayed on a FlexForm with a Pending Approval status.

Promoting Forms to Live

This is a good place to talk a little bit about how forms are promoted to Live Mode.

After changes to a form are approved for use (typically 24-48 hours), promoting that form to Live acts a little differently than promoting a Payment Flow to Live Mode does.

If we click Promote to Live? the form will be updated with the new version in EVERY PAYMENT FLOW that has this form as part of its flow. You do NOT have to promote each flow that contains the updated form to live one at a time when you update a form.

This update will be in effect as soon as you click that button and confirm the selection, and you will not have to update any payment links on your site for it to work in your Live Payment Flows that contain that form. Of course, any Payment Flows that aren’t currently live but contain that form will be updated with the new version of the form as well.