Traffic Manager

Traffic Manager is designed for CCBill merchants who also use other processors to help maximize sales and consumer retention, as well as ensuring payouts to referring affiliates even if the transaction is processed through a different processor.

The purpose of the Traffic Manager is to turn your declined transactions into completed transactions by sending consumers to a signup form from your other processor to attempt to complete the transaction if they are declined by your first processor along. The entire process is seamless, and your consumers will only see a redirect screen as they are moved from one payment method to another.

Affiliate Payouts

Affiliates who refer a transaction will still receive payment for the referral, even if the transaction completes with a different processor.

For example: If a transaction is referred by a CCBill Affiliate but does not authorize on the CCBill traffic flow, the transaction may still authorize on another section of the traffic flow. If this is the case, CCBill will be notified by the processor of the approved transaction and pay your CCBill Affiliate for the transaction based on your CCBill Affiliate Payout choices from your CCBill account. No money will change hands from processor to processor, we will simply pay them from your existing CCBill receipts for that week.


At this time, the following processors support this functionality: CCBill, Epoch, and SegPay. Other processors will be available in the future.

To use the Traffic Manager, you must already be a merchant with an active account with each processor that you intend to use in your traffic flow. Traffic flows are created and edited in System5 only, and System5 contains three pages that you will use in the process of setting up your traffic flows. These are the Start, Configurations, and Traffic Flows pages, all of which are covered in this document. Configurations are essentially the forms that the Traffic Manager will load in its attempt to process a transaction while the Traffic Flow defines the order the Traffic Manager will load those forms in.

Traffic Flows

Traffic flows can include alternate payment methods within the same processor or can bounce back to the original processor after all processors have attempted one payment option and begin to offer an alternate. Traffic Flows may or may not include affiliates. Here are a few other valid configurations:

  • Affiliate Referral> CCBill Credit Card Billing> CCBill Online Check> CCBill Telephone Billing> Epoch Credit Card Billing> Other Epoch Method
  • CCBill Credit Card Billing> CCBill Telephone Billing> Epoch Credit Card Billing> CCBill 900 Billing> Other Epoch Method
  • Epoch Credit Card Billing> CCBill Credit Card Billing> Alternate Epoch Billing Method> CCBill 900> CCBill EU Debit

The payment flows are up to you and are totally customizable. Payment is made from the consumer to the processor that completes the transaction. The transaction is paid to you via that processor's method based on your terms and conditions with that particular processor.

Traffic Manager Wizard

The Traffic Manager section is essentially a wizard. All pages of the Traffic Manager setup need to be completed and submitted in order for everything to work properly, from Regional Pricing through to Traffic Flows.

Further Details: