CCBill Pay Account Features

What is CCBill Pay?

Easy, Safe & Convenient!

CCBill Pay is a CCBill Consumer tool that allows consumers the option of storing payment methods. Consumers can create an online CCBill Pay account and store up to 25 payment methods. This makes for a quicker, easier, and safer payment option, as consumers just need to log in to their CCBill Pay account and confirm the purchase.

With CCBill Pay you can be confident that the risk of transactions not going through is lower than ever. CCBill brings together risk processing, debit/credit card, and ACH transaction processing so Merchants can use only one payment platform to support their business.

Note: CCBill Pay is only available with FlexForms. CCBill Pay is NOT compatible with Legacy forms

How does it Work?

CCBill Pay is offered just like any other payment option. Customers can opt to create a CCBill Pay account anytime they are making a purchase via CCBill’s FlexForms. Note that CCBill Pay will NOT be displayed as a payment option if the customer selects a language other than English on the FlexForm.

  • When consumers decide to create an account, the credit card or bank account information they enter in a FlexForm is stored on their CCBill Pay account as their default payment method. When a card is used and the transaction is not approved the information will not be stored.
  • The consumer’s email address serves as their CCBill Pay Username.
  • Consumers activate their account by following the instructions provided in an email from CCBill.
  • Users may log in and add up to 25 payment methods, select default currency and payment method, and manage their subscriptions. The maximum of three (3) ACH accounts can be added as a payment method.


The only requirement for merchants to offer CCBill Pay as a payment method is using FlexForms. CCBill Pay does NOT work with Legacy forms.

Currently, CCBill Pay offers support for English language FlexForms only. The CCBill Pay option will be hidden if a consumer selects any other language. Users can select debit/credit cards or ACH Online Checks on FlexForms.

Future releases of CCBill Pay will support additional languages and payment methods.

USERS WHO HAVEN’T STARTED USING FLEXFORMS YET: Merchants need to use FlexForms in order to enable CCBill Pay. For more information on creating and utilizing FlexForms, refer to the FlexForms Quick Start Guide.


Fully Compatible

CCBill Pay is fully optimized for a wide range of devices. Besides desktop and notebook computers, consumers will fully enjoy the benefits of their CCBill Pay accounts and easily make payments on their mobile devices.

Consumers can use CCBill Pay to make online payments in any country in the world.

Fully Integrated with FlexForms

CCBill Pay is a fully integrated feature. Every FlexForm on your site offers CCBill Pay as an available payment option. Merchants who currently use FlexForms don’t need to do anything additional to start processing payments with CCBill Pay.

Preview a FlexForm in Sandbox mode in order to check the position of the CCBill Pay payment option.

How to preview a FlexForm?

Supported Payment Methods

CCBill Pay supports Payment Cards and ACH Online Checks. Additional payment methods will be added in future versions of CCBill Pay.

ACH Online Checks with Validated Bank Accounts

The latest version CCBill Pay includes ACH Online Checks as an additional payment method. Consumers are now able to select Bank Account in the payment options on FlexForms and save the bank account information in their CCBill Pay account. We added account validation for every bank account that consumers add within CCBill Pay admin. This allows us to confirm that this person has the ownership of the account.

The constant growth in volume of online transactions shows there is a significant market share for ACH Online Checks. For this reason, we decided to add ACH as a payment option for CCBill Pay to automate and facilitate online purchases. This provides a greater value to consumers who are using CCBill Pay. Instead of going through the same process of filling out the bank account and contact information for every purchase using ACH, users can save the bank account details and complete their next purchase with a few clicks.

By asking consumers to verify their bank account information for future purchases, we support Merchants in their efforts to reduce fraud. ACH transactions completed using a verified bank account added in CCBill Pay are of a higher quality. Merchants who provide this service are no longer in the high-risk territory. Account validation allows merchants to reduce the number of chargebacks and failure rates for ACH transactions.

Suitable for Multiple Currencies

Every currency available with FlexForms is available with CCBill Pay. Furthermore, consumers can set their default currency for CCBill Pay transactions.

Available Currencies


CCBill Pay transactions are not currently identifiable in merchant reports, but we are planning to add this feature in a future version.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Basically, nothing has changed with CCBill Pay except customer experience, which has been greatly improved.

  • Opening a CCBill Pay account and processing payments via CCBill Pay will NOT generate any additional fees for consumers or merchants.
  • Every feature merchants had before the release of CCBill Pay is still at their disposal.
  • Consumers are NOT required to create a CCBill Pay account or make transactions via CCBill Pay. CCBill Pay is offered to consumers along with every other payment method when using FlexForms.
  • Merchants will still have full control over payment forms. CCBill will adjust existing custom FlexForms so that they accommodate the CCBill Pay option.

Experience CCBill Pay for Yourself in a Test Environment

When utilizing FlexForms, you are able to preview your forms and see all the visual changes you have made. This is the so called Sandbox mode, a test environment in which merchants create, preview, and perfect their FlexForms. It is while previewing your FlexForm that you can inspect the user interface and interact with the CCBill Pay option. The preview will simulate the environment that users experience.

However, there are NO dummy accounts for the initial release of CCBill Pay, so merchants need to create their own account in order to interact with CCBill Pay.

After you have created an account, you will be able to log in through the Preview Payment Form feature in the Forms Library. Test the FlexForm environment and try to make a transaction using CCBill Pay (you will need test credit card numbers). You will receive a transaction declined/approved email just like a consumer normally would. Don’t worry, transactions in Preview mode run through a fake processor.

User Account Features

CCBill Pay features a central console which offers consumers full control over their payment methods and insight into their transactions and website subscriptions.

CCBill Pay Console
  • Consumers log in to their CCBill Pay accounts by browsing to
  • Consumers need to enter their username (registered email address) and password in order to log in.

All Transactions

The All Transactions page serves as the landing page for CCBill Pay. It displays the consumer’s transaction history. Users can refine their results with three (3) filters:

  1. Date Range. Users may use predefined time periods or create a custom date range.
  2. Sites. Filter results by site.
  3. Subscriptions. Filter results by subscription

The transactions themselves are further explained in details:

  • Date of purchase.
  • Billing Descriptor.
  • Site. The site with which a purchase is tied to.
  • Type. Transaction or trial.
  • Amount.

Consumers click on a transaction to open a details window on the far right of the screen. Further details, such as the exact time of transaction and payment method used, are displayed.

Payment Methods

A list of the consumer’s payment methods.

CCBill Pay payment methods

Possible actions include:

  • Make Default. Users can select their default payment method.
  • Remove. Users may remove payment methods.
  • Edit. Users can edit their existing payment methods.
  • Add a New Payment Method. Add new payment method to your account.

Alternatively, consumers can add a new payment method or edit an existing one directly on a FlexForm before making a purchase, as long as they are logged in to their CCBill Pay account.


On this page, consumers view and manage subscriptions purchased with CCBill Pay. Consumers can click on a subscription to open a details bar with additional information, such as:

  • CCBill Pay Option. Consumers can click the Change link in order to change the payment method for that particular subscription.
  • Subscription Status. Active; Canceled; Canceled/Expired; Failed Rebill; Cancelled (due to Chargeback/Refund).
  • Original Purchase Terms. What amount and for how long.
  • Next Billing Amount and Date.

Action Items

  • Change Payment Method
  • Cancel Subscription
  • View Historical Transactions. View transactions associated to a subscription.


  • Users can set their own time zone. This determines how CCBill displays the transaction date/time to the consumer. This will NOT impact merchant settings. In your merchant report the date/time of the transaction will be according to your time zone.
  • Users may also set their default currency. The default currency will be pre-selected on payment forms, but users can always choose to change the currency when making a transaction.
CCBill Pay settings

More Features Coming Soon

More functionalities coming soon with the release of an update for CCBill Pay.

  1. My Address
  2. Device Listing
  3. Support for Multi-Language Forms
  4. Support for a Wider Range of Payment Options


CCBill offers full support to CCBill Pay consumers. CCBill Support is ready to assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When CCBill Pay consumers are in need of assistance, they can contact our Support Team members in the manner most convenient to them:

Merchants are more than welcome to provide CCBill Support contact details on their websites and they are not responsible to provide support for CCBill Pay inquiries or concerns.

Email Notifications

Consumers will receive email notifications from CCBill in case of:

User ActionUser Action
Transaction Approved / DeclinedPayment Method Added / Deleted / Modified
Account ActivationWelcome / Activation Confirmation
Bank Account Validation for ACH TransactionsDefault Payment Method Changed
Password Reset or UpdatedSubscription Payment Method Changed
Subscription CanceledAccount Closed
Overridable Decline / Web VerifyForced Validation / Requires Validation / Web Validate

CCBill Pay consumers will receive emails with the updated CCBill Pay email template instead of the existing CCBill template. Subscription Canceled emails are the only exception.

This will NOT impact Merchant configured emails and settings.


Many security measures are already in place for both consumers and merchants, and CCBill Pay utilizes those same technologies. Consumers’ personal information is safely stored on secure servers and encrypted using 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) technology. If CCBill identifies that somebody is abusing a CCBill Pay account, that account will be closed immediately. CCBill will share only legally required information with merchants.

CCBill Pay - Overall Rules

Considering CCBill Pay is a completely new service in offer, there are some overall rules and guidelines which consumers and merchants need to be aware of.

  • CCBill Pay is only available with FlexForms.
  • Consumers need to opt for a payment card or ACH Online Check as their payment method and English as the language on a FlexForm. If any other language is selected, the CCBill Pay option will be hidden.
  • Consumers MUST activate their CCBill Pay account. Account activation is defined as a successful password selection.
  • Merchants cannot opt-out of CCBill Pay. It will be presented to their customers along with every other payment option when using FlexForms.
  • Consumers are not required to make a CCBill Pay account or to process transactions through CCBill Pay.
  • For the initial release, CCBill Pay accounts can only be created during a transaction on a FlexForm. Regardless of the transaction outcome, a CCBill Pay account will be created.
  • No more than one CCBill Pay account is allowed per one unique email address.
  • An email address already used by a merchant, affiliate, or consumer (or some combination of multiple types) can be used for your CCBill Pay account.
  • The same payment method may be added to multiple CCBill Pay accounts.