Conducting Test Transactions

Test transactions are made possible for FlexForms within Sandbox Mode. Access a form via the Sandbox Link and use Test Transaction credentials.

To make a test transaction in Sandbox Mode:

  1. Log in to the Admin Portal.
  2. Hover over the FlexForms Systems mega menu.
  3. Click FlexForms Payment Links.
  4. Click on a WebWidget of one of your forms in order to launch the form.
    NOTE: Make sure you are in Sandbox Mode. The Sandbox version of the flow will NOT process live transactions.

  5. Use test transaction credentials. You need to have a test transaction user created and access the form through a designated IP address.
  6. Use test credit card numbers in order to simulate a transaction.
  7. For approvals, use CVV > 300. Everything below this value will result in a denial.

You will get an approval/denial message and email, just like a consumer normally would.