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Subscription Tangible Goods

A subscription tangible goods website is one that offers physical or tangible products for purchase on a recurring basis (monthly, quarterly, etc.). Subscription tangible goods website composition generally includes a frontend website, a shopping cart solution, a customer payment form, and an order fulfillment solution. Other subscription tangible goods websites offer a single product that is available on a recurring basis (monthly, quarterly, etc.) and simply consist of an offer page, a customer purchase form, and an order fulfillment solution. Customers that purchase products from a tangible goods website expect to receive products via mail.

To start accepting payments from your customers, ask yourself the integration questions below.

Are your pricing options set correctly?

Customer pricing options are the individual and specific payment details, including price and product description, offered to your customers from the customer payment form. You can create and modify the customer pricing options on your account from within the CCBill Admin Portal.

Are your customer payment forms set correctly?

You can create and modify the customer payment forms on your account from within the CCBill Admin Portal.

Is your account configured properly for order fulfillment?

Most subscription tangible clients deliver purchased products to customers via an order fulfillment solution. To ensure that your customer data and order fulfillment data is updated correctly you may require CCBill to send customer and/or product data directly to your system immediately following a customer transaction. The following sub-sections offer additional information regarding the CCBill Background Post and DataLink Extract features which will assist you in capturing customer data after each customer transaction.

In addition to updating your local data in real time, subscription tangible clients are required to provide shipping information to us once a product has been shipped. Our customer support center is required to maintain up to date shipping information for each product purchased through the CCBill payment forms. There are currently two methods to provide the shipping information once you've collected it:

  1. Store the shipping information in your own system and make arrangements to manually provide it to our Consumer Support department on a daily basis.
  2. Integrate your system with our Subscription Management System (SMS) to provide shipping data via a web service. The shipping data is then stored in our system and viewable within our admin portal.

Subscription Management System (SMS) requires you to develop software on your website designed to call our SMS web service and receive responses from it. We provide a number of developer guides describing the functionality of SMS. They are available by contacting the Merchant Support department at

Does your website need to be updated immediately following each customer transaction?

The Background Post is a feature of our customer payment form system that allows variable information to be sent through the payment form back to your website. The Background Post is a separate data push containing customer data that is not transparent to customer traffic. By configuring and using the Background Post you will ensure that your website's customer data is updated in real time following each customer transaction.

For assistance with configuring and using the Background Post, please take a look at our video demonstration.

NOTE: The Background Post function requires you to develop software on your website designed to capture and store customer data immediately following each customer transaction.

Do you need to regularly collect customer transaction data?

The Data Link Extract System helps you by letting you access customer information such as cancel dates, recurring billing dates, subscription status, subscription model and more. You can use this information to manage your members during the life of the subscription purchased.

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