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Subscription Websites

A Subscription website is one that offers member only access to exclusive digital goods and services. A member of a subscription website is a customer who has agreed to pay for access to the website's exclusive content. The subscription website typically offers both single billing and recurring billing options to its customers. A subscription website generally includes a free tour, where members can sample the website's products, an online transaction form for members to complete a purchase, and a member only area that is password protected.

To start accepting payments from your customers, ask yourself the integration questions below.

Are your pricing options set correctly?

Customer pricing options are the individual and specific payment details, including price and product description, offered to your customers from the customer payment form. You can create and modify the customer pricing options on your account from within the CCBill Admin Portal.

Are your customer payment forms set correctly?

You can create and modify the customer payment forms on your account from within the CCBill Admin Portal.

Would you like your payment forms to look like your site?

You have ability to create and use a custom payment form that matches the look and feel of your own website. If you would like to use a custom payment form instead of the standard payment forms, you can do so by following the instructions in the video demonstration, or sending an email request to

Is your User Management set correctly?

User Management is a service that automatically adds and removes your customer's access to your website. This service adds new usernames and passwords to your website following a customer purchase and removes usernames and passwords when a customer subscription expires. Our software needs to be installed and configured on your website server before we can provide this service. You can check your user management settings from within the CCBill Admin Portal, and by following the instructions in the video demonstration below.

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