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Video on Demand (VOD)

A video on demand website is one that offers access to exclusive individual videos that are either downloadable or streamed directly to a customer's computer. Video on demand websites may also incorporate an order fulfillment system that includes a token or credit system designed to support a digital wallet with credits that can be used to purchase access to different pieces of individual content. Video on demand website composition generally consists of a free sample or tour area, a payment form, and an order fulfillment solution. Most video on demand websites are data dependent and require immediate customer data updates following a customer purchase.

To start accepting payments from your customers, ask yourself the integration questions below.

Are your pricing options set correctly?

Customer pricing options are the individual and specific payment details, including price and product description, offered to your customers from the customer payment form. You can create and modify the customer pricing options on your account from within the CCBill Admin Portal.

Are your customer payment forms set correctly?

You can create and modify the customer payment forms on your account from within the CCBill Admin Portal.

Would you like your payment forms to look like your site?

You have ability to create and use a custom payment form that matches the look and feel of your own website. If you would like to use a custom payment form instead of the standard payment forms, you can do so by following the instructions in the video demonstration, or sending an email request to

Is your account configured properly for order fulfillment?

Most video on demand websites deliver purchased products to customers via a custom order fulfillment solution. Such solutions need to be updated immediately following a customer purchase to ensure products are delivered efficiently. Websites that collect and store both product and customer data prior to customer purchases being completed require data to be tracked through the payment system back to the originating website for order fulfillment.

  • Does your website need to be updated immediately following each customer transaction?

    The Background Post is a feature of our customer payment form system that allows variable information to be sent through the payment form back to your website. The Background Post is a separate data push containing customer data that is not transparent to customer traffic. By configuring and using the Background Post you will ensure that your website's customer data is updated in real time following each customer transaction.

    For assistance with configuring and using the Background Post, please take a look at our video demonstration.

    NOTE: The Background Post function requires you to develop software on your website designed to capture and store customer data immediately following each customer transaction.

  • Do you need to regularly collect customer transaction data?

    The Data Link Extract System helps you by letting you access customer information such as cancel dates, recurring billing dates, subscription status, subscription model and more. You can use this information to manage your members during the life of the subscription purchased.

Do you want to offer a separate protected area on your website for each product?

Some video on demand websites complete order fulfillment by delivering products from separate password protected areas. Such an implementation does not require the website to track product information and customer information through the payment solution. The Merchant Support department can assist with setting up an account to deliver separate products from separate protected areas. To accomplish such a setup User Management services are used to add usernames and passwords to separate protected areas. Usernames and passwords are active for a limited time and are automatically removed when access to products expires. Such a setup requires a unique sub-account for each product sold.

To setup User Management services to complete order fulfillment for each downloadable product separately, please contact our Merchant Support department for direct assistance,

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